Star Metro Halifax Community Choice
Winners June 2018

Pampered Paws Inn

Pampered Paws Inn

1725 Hammonds Plains Rd
Hammonds Plains, NS    B4B 1P5

The Pampered Paws Inn truly reflects the spirit of old and new combined. The home was built in the early 1900's & remained a private home until 2004 when it was restored and an addition was added and converted into a wonderful inn for people and their pets. The original floors have been refinished, as has most of the original woodwork in the front part of the home.

The Inn is a great place for dogs, they have their own little get together, great way for them to socialize. We have large fenced backyards to romp in and an large indoor area as well. We treat the dog the same as you would at home. Our dedicated dog handlers will make sure they have fun playing safely and go home happy and tired.

We have kiddy pools, tunnels, a sand box, a dog house to climb, toys,balls of all kinds and much more. Book a tour today!