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James Dwyer @ Press Realty

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Winner Best Real Estate Agent in Home & Condo

James Dwyer @ Press Realty

233 Bedford Highway
Halifax, Nova Scotia    B3M 2J9
902) 209-6291
(902) 457-1400


James believes having a community-first approach to cause the home to sell by including the community in the marketing. By doing this, he creates informed advocates who are able to speak on behalf of the property to anyone they know who is looking to become a part of the community. Who better to advocate for the home than the people who share the same neighbourhood?

In todays fast paced world communication and information are critical to making the right decisions. James Dwyer is committed to keeping the lines of communication open at all times, thus keeping his clients informed and educated as the market changes.

Changing the future of real estate…. One home at a time.