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Mattress Mart - Burnside

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Mattress Mart - Burnside

We Recycle!

If we can't donate your old mattress to help someone in need we'll recycle it where facilities exist.


We are committed to keeping thousands of old mattresses out of landfill sites.

When we delivery your new mattress/set purchase we will remove the old one. There is a small charge of $10 per piece to help with donation/recycling costs.

At The Recycle Facility

The mattress is completely torn down.

The upholstery layers are incinerated to create energy.

The metal springs are shredded and sent to a smelting factory where the metal is melted and re-used. Primarily as wire.

The Simmons factory in Montreal is a leader in the mattress industry by using wire that has recycled content to manufacture coils.


Partners in working for a better environment.

MattCanada Environmental